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Equation Balancer

Chemical equation balancer is an app available on playstore.It is an smart tool to balance chemical equations.This app is simple and easy to use, just put your equation to balance and click on the balance button to get your answer

This app contains a periodic table from wehre you can easily type your chemical equation to balance. Students of any class can use this app to overcome their problems related to chemical equations.

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App Features

Chemical Equation Balancer

  • One of the unique Small size chemistry calculator available in market.
  • Fast and quick chemical balancer app.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • You can use all chemical formulas.
  • Solve chemistry equations anytime.
  • Use the Periodic table to make your equation.
  • Get the free balancing chemicals calculator for all purposes.
  • Best solution for the students of chemistry.
  • It only takes one second for balancing the chemical reaction.
  • Get the quick results in this chemistry balancer.


This amazing app is made in java and kotlin language. Our developers have make sure it is well designed and gives full functionality that a user can enjoy.Use this anywhere without having a single problem

A full solution developed for the users to use anywhere and anytime.Giving all functionality to use all the elements to balance chemical equation is an achievement for the tech community