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About The Project

Cube adventure fun runner game

Cube Adventure is a lovely casual game available on the play store.In this game you have a cube to play with. This game gives it's user an interesting gameplay.A fast running cube seems impossible to control because of it's realistic gameplay.

Select your preferable controls to play cube adventure and enjoy this cube racing game on colourful tracks.Also set a high record for cube adventure fun runner game and show the world you can complete impossible tasks.

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Game Features

Cube Adventure

Following are the cool features of Cube Adventure Game:

  • It has an very addictive gameplay.
  • It has a colourful environment which is different from every other game.
  • It has an impossible track to run a 3d cube.
  • Face an Endless runner gameplay.
  • Very Tricky jumps and moves to avoid obstacles coming towards you.
  • It has a very Colourful speedy cube.
  • Get the Non-stop fun and thrill in this cube running game.



This cube adventure game provides three different controls to choose for playing game

Swipe control enables you to use the provided options for moving left or right continously

Tap Control enables you to have full options to move or jump your cube

Device roation enables you to move your jelly with your mobile rotation anywhere.

Running Track

An endless cube running track where you have to be carefull because there are traps everywhere. So be prepared to move your fingers fast while playing cube adventure