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About The Project

Dark Jewel Quest-Horror puzzle game

Dark jewel quest is an cursed match 3 puzzle game.This game is available on play store.You have to remove the curse by solving the puzzle of magic gems.This game contains horror sound which enhances the addiction of this game

There are different themes available including egypt, deadland where you are a treasure hunter and for finding treasure you have to solve 3 match puzzle.

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Game Features

Dark Jewel Quest

Following are the cool features of Dark Jewel Quest:

  • It has a easy game-play to swap a gem of same color gems.
  • Horror music and awesome controls of jewel quest.
  • It has a Unique and addictive environment of darkness
  • It has different types of elegant gems.
  • A chance to Make a perplexed gem by matching more than 4 gems.
  • By Combining two special gems get a mysterious blast.
  • There are hundreds of horrifying levels to play.



Play the story of a travellor who wants the treasure from the cursed land but to move on you will need to destroy all magic gems

Dozen of levels

Play hundreads of level in different themes like deadland and egypt.

Horror Environment

Play in horror environment and music which is different from every other game.